Short Statement, 2020
Drawing (Parentheses), 2019
In my writing I am drawn to parentheses. It feels like I'm getting away with something - saying the thing I need to say and the thing I really want to say. The ( ) punches a hole in the fabric of the text, through which one can comment or concoct parallel realities; it is a door to the peripheral, the one-other-thing, the aside. In my work drawing has a parenthetical relationship to painting. Though they both engage with the same set of ideas—figures, surfaces, boundaries, rhythm—specific drawings rarely lead to specific paintings; they are not "studies" for each other. Rather, they are concurrent activities, psychically linked, as if occupying the same location but in different time and space.

Drawings and paintings render visible in different ways, at different speeds. While a painting might be better positioned to embody a "body," complete with flesh and organs, a drawing, like the parentheses, hovers above the fray, while getting to the heart of the matter.

Reliefs, 2016